Improve SEO By Repairing Broken Links

Lets face the facts.  New patients are very likely going to “google” you and your practice before making an appointment.  When this search happens you want to be found easily.

computer error concept

One way to optimize your website for search engines, and subsequently improve your position in google search rankings, is to make sure your practice website does not have broken links.  These broken links are known as a 404 errors.

Top 3 Reasons Your Claims Get Denied

Below is a nice summary on why a number of our insurance claims get denied.  Fortunately, they are basic mistakes that can be corrected quickly.  It is a re-post of information from the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

Click on image for claim form instructions

Click image for ADA 2013 claim form instructions

There are plenty of reasons an insurer might deny your claims, but the most common billing errors are also the simplest and easiest to correct. Here are the top 3: