Create Your Own Infographics

Last Friday I had a few minutes to kill and was browsing Facebook.

In the process I ran across a very cool infographic.

It got me to wondering “How are these created and who does this kind of work?”

Within 90 minutes I had created the simple infographic shown below.

UnknownThis time included a few minutes to search “easy infographic design” sites, check out their offer, make a decision, and sign up.

The first site (Venngage) looked great but  after some quick research did not offer an easy way to share a newly created design.

I also checked out and but they seemed a bit advanced for me.

The one I finally went with was Piktochart.

Signup was easy and in minutes I was clicking through the FAQs to get a feel for the site.

To design a new info graphic you can start with a “blank slate” or can use one of their “themes.”

They also have some good information on what topics and what kind of graphic  to use.

Overall the site is very easy to navigate.

It is essentially  drag and drop.

In my example I elected to upload my logo and place some basic text and a small icon (red arrow).

I also added a hyperlink to the images to make them interactive.

It will be interesting to see what I can come up with using this new tool.

Go check it out and start creating your own infographics.

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