Customer Service the Chick-fil-a Way

I admit.  I am a huge fan of Chick-fil-a.  Not so much for their food but for their outstanding customer service.


They do such a great job  I am always pointing out their outstanding customer service to my staff.


In fact, I am so impressed with the level of customer service I searched around to see how they do it.

In my research I found three things that makes the Chick-fil-a folks stand out when it comes to serving their customers.

Hire Quality 

Chick-fil-a puts potential franchisees through a battery of interviews.

Sometimes it is a year before they “hire” someone to own a new franchise.

They want to work with people that “exhibit humility, passion for service, compassion, and genuineness.”

This is one of the biggest keys to their success and consistency from location and location.

In short, hire character and train skills.

Little Things Matter

“My pleasure” is the most common response you will hear in the Chick-fil-a experience.

It is different and classy.

“Your welcome” and “no problem” is common.

That’s the point – be uncommonly great.

Another thing.

How many fast food establishments have the edge of the toilet paper folded?

Again, small things go a long way in how your business is perceived.

Putting “fast” into Fast Food

Chick-fil-a has self imposed goals on how quickly they deliver meals to their customers.

From my research they attempt to deliver your order in 90 seconds through the drive through and 60 seconds at the counter.

The point here is twofold.

First, set goals to improve the delivery of your service.

In our line of work quick dentistry may not be the best goal.

However, you could set a goal on how fast a patient is invited back to the consult or treatment area from the lobby.

Second, improve your systems.

Look at your internal systems and see what can be changed or adjusted to improve the delivery of service.

It may not be quick but efficient systems and teams will make your practice move at the speed of light compared to others.


If you are looking to increase new patient’s to your office have your current patient’s work as spokespeople.

This is the best advice I can give.

One way to make them refer their friends and family is to create an efficient customer experience that focuses on small details.

Chick-fil-a does not have the corner on these ideas.

Look around at the places that you love to visit.

They may some concepts that you can borrow to improve your practice too.




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