Why I Started Journaling

If you asked me a year ago if someone should keep a journal I would have probably responded along the lines of “why waste the time?”

Journal Lettering

Since the beginning of the year I have read a couple of things that have changed my mind.   Please read on and find out why.

I have been making journal entries on a regular basis for about a month now.

One reason I started was on the recommendation of a book that I recently read titled The Way of the Seal.

In this book  Mark Divine, CDR (retired) lays out his ideas about how he was able to physically, mentally, and spiritually become one of the world’s elite modern day warriors.

Part of his recommended regimen is to make daily journal entries.

One thing I liked is how he explained maintaining a positive attitude by making a daily gratitude list.

I have implemented this in my morning routine and it seems to make a difference in how I approach my day.

When you list the things you are grateful for it creates a positive mindset.

Instead of focusing on things I do not have (negative) and thinking from a scarcity mentality, I start by listing things I do have (positive).

This begins my day with a sense of abundance.

This alone is worth the effort of journaling.

Another reason I added journaling to my daily routine was on the recommendation of another blogger, Michael Hyatt.

In his blog, Michael discusses his approach on how to stay consistent and includes various tools to make daily entries easier.

He uses the online resource Dayone which I have adopted.

In Michael’s article he also mentions “what he is thankful for” as a daily topic.

Goal setting, lessons learned, emotional expression, and reflection on the day’s accomplishments are also touched upon.

He also lays out a template to help us out when we may have writer’s block.

As you can see I have changed my view on daily journaling through the recommendation of two very successful people.

I encourage you to give journaling a try.

It may surprise you as it did me.






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