Improve SEO By Repairing Broken Links

Lets face the facts.  New patients are very likely going to “google” you and your practice before making an appointment.  When this search happens you want to be found easily.

computer error concept

One way to optimize your website for search engines, and subsequently improve your position in google search rankings, is to make sure your practice website does not have broken links.  These broken links are known as a 404 errors.

To check and see if your website has broken links you can use a simple and free tool at

You simply enter the URL of your practice website and these fine folks will scan and report any broken links within your site.

After scanning, you can forward the “broken link” report to your webmaster to make the corrections.

Just another easy way to optimize your practice website and improve your online ranking

As a result, it will make it easier for a new patient to find you.

Hope it helps.

Do your manage your own website or do you have a webmaster that provides that service for you?

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