Interpreting Your CT Scans

 by Dr. Russell Kirk

If you have a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanner in your office and need assistance from a maxillofacial radiologist  check out Dental Radiology Diagnostics

I recently had a patient referred to my office with a mixed density lesion in the right mandible.

This area was identified by her general dentist on routine panoramic screening (very good observation).

She was asymptomatic and had no cortical expansion in the area.  Teeth near the area of concern also tested vital.

Since there was an unusual appearance on the panoramic image, her general dentist sent her for further investigation.

During her consultation visit, I completed a thorough clinical exam and confirmed the findings of her general dentist.

We also performed a CBCT and identified multiple radiolucent / opaque variations in the right mandible (apical to #28/29) and another area of concern around #23/24.

Although her history and clinical exam pointed to a benign neoplasm with slow or no growth, I felt it would be appropriate to have a radiologist review the images.  The patient agreed.

I sent the images to Dental Radiology Diagnostics via the internet, paid them with my corporate (business) credit card, and had a very comprehensive radiology report (PDF) returned within 36 hours.

The findings were reviewed with the patient and a copy of the report was emailed to the patient’s general dentist.

Overall, a very nice way to get quick feedback on your patients.  Oh, and the cost was $100.  You can also use your Paypal account if you have one.

When and where do you send your CBCT images when you want a radiologist to review them?

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