Dental Implants = Improved Self Confidence

In late January we had a wonderful lady visit our office on the verge of tears.

She explained that she was a nursing instructor and had lost confidence to teach in front of her students.

Further discussion revealed that the source of unhappiness was her very ill fitting dentures.

She explained that she had not taken good care of her natural teeth and recently had them removed.  They were replaced with dentures.

It did not take long for her to realize that wearing dentures made it difficult talk.

Numerous adjustments by her dentist and attempts at using denture adhesives were unsuccessful.

This motivated her to perform her own internet research.

She was now in my office to get more information about how dental implants might improve her situation.

After an honest discussion about her situation with Meredith, my Implant Treatment Coordinator (ITC), I introduced myself and listened to her story.

I explained how we could use dental implants to stabilize and improve the fit of her dentures…and…she would no longer have to visit the denture adhesive isle at the pharmacy.

She seem relieved that there was a solution that would allow her to speak with confidence in public again.

We performed her initial implant surgery in March and completed her surgical treatment today.

She will be visiting her restorative dentist within the next two weeks to complete final treatment for her implant supported over denture.

Before leaving today she said “I am looking forward to standing in front of my class and not worrying about my teeth.”

We have asked her to return for a routine post op visit and asked that she visit us when she receives her new smile.

If you are unhappy with your existing denture please give your local dental professional a call and ask them about dental implants.   They may be the answer to regaining your self confidence too.

For more information about my practice or how dental implants may be right for you please visit us a or call 615-453-7800.


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